I am a worrier.  I can worry about anything and everything.  Over the past couple of months, I've been doing a lot of worrying and it's led to a blogging break.  I couldn't cope with wondering if my photos were good enough or if I'd written this or that paragraph well enough. 

Instead of blogging, I've been concentrating more on Isobelle's Pantry, my online shop.  I've swapped planning blog posts for planning new product lines.  In listing a new item, I don't feel as personally exposed as I do when I hit that ominous orange publish button.  As I listed more items, I had more sales.  And with these came really lovely feedback from happy customers - reading them is the best feeling ever.  Slowly, but surely, my confidence has grown again. I feel like I can tackle both the shop and blog once again.

I haven't avoided blogs altogether.  While I've stayed from the keyboard, I've still been reading.  I've been so inspired by other creative ladies who are dedicated to making their businesses the most successful that they can be.  Reading about their processes and experiences is incredibly empowering.  I've learnt that believing in yourself and focusing on your strengths is key.   I need to remember that although striving to be the best is important, but it's not everything.  It's also OK to stay in your pyjamas and watch too many YouTube videos of cats once in a while too.  I'm not a corporate machine.  Isobelle's Pantry is run by me and me alone.  It's this personal quality that is special. 

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As much as the sudden abundance of scarves and knitwear on the high street is making me want to snuggle, the new home ware collections are by far the most exciting.  The cooler weather and miserable grey showers are making me want to make my home warm and cosy.  I want to sip on a marshmallow-topped hot chocolate from a new mug and re-read my favourite book under my new blanket whilst surrounded by new candles.

And yet I almost feel a bit silly as I don't have a house of my own.  Still living at home means sharing a home with someone who has different taste to you.  I can't wait to decorate and furnish, not just a bedroom, but a whole house.  It's something I've been passionate about since I was little.  Growing up in rural North Yorkshire, I've always had a soft spot for the country cottage look and heirloom vintage pieces.  I always dreamt of large kitchen, with a dog lying in front of the AGA on a handmade rug and a fresh batch of shortbread biscuits on the farmhouse oak table.

At university, I would avoid essay writing by searching for grand seafront apartments in Brighton, imagining what my life could be when I had graduated.  Now my property related procrastination finds me looking at property for sale in Devon, Cornwall or Yorkshire.  It seems my childhood dreams of a cosy, country home have stayed with me.  I still want that unmistakable sense of comfort and calm that living in the countryside gives.  Although, I'm maybe not so fussed about filling my kitchen shelves with empty spice jars and Kellogg's Variety packets or having afternoon tea with teddy bears as I once was!
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Blue and Green - Barbour Knitwear

Barbour AW14 Knitwear
Barbour AW14 Knitwear Barbour Evenwood Sweater in Racing Green*
New Look Mottled Skinny Jeans 

Sometimes, only a jeans and jumper combo will do. Comfort has been key over the past couple of days. I've been mostly eating biscuits and finally watching The Walking Dead (my new favourite). I did venture out for a stroll with my man (thankfully, there were no walkers). 

My new jeans are the comfiest pair I own.  Ideal for lazy bank holiday weekends.  I love the mottled effect and can't wait to dress them up with a luxe white shirt and heels.  I broke the 'blue and green should never been seen' rule and wore them with my new snuggley Barbour jumper.  British heritage brands do warmth and comfort so well.  It's 100% cotton, so no more itchy scratchy arms!  I know I'll be living in this and layering it over shirts when the weather turns.

How have you spent your bank holiday weekend?
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